City of Decatur COVID Assistance

Decatur Residents, if you would like to apply for COVID assistance, you will find an application to the right, please save,  fill it out and send to  If you need help you can call 217.619.9108.

Download the application and save it to your computer.  After filling out the form, you can submit information from your computer (not this website).  

(Paper applications are available at the DFA Site, please see information below.)


This funding was approved from the August 3, 2021 City of Decatur Council Meeting.

The City of Decatur in partnership with DFA, Dove Financial Assistance   will distribute the CLFRF grant to the citizens of Decatur who have lost income due to the Covid Pandemic. The funds will be disbursed to those clients that meet all qualifications determined by The Department of the Treasury standards.  DFA will be assisting with Rent, Power and Mortgage for Decatur Residents.

Clients will need to complete an application in writing or electronically along with proper documentation to the representatives of DFA. After this information is completed and reviewed checks will be issued to the proper vendor. These vendors would include Landlords, Mortgage Companies and Ameren Illinois.

The Dove Finance Department would handle disbursing these checks. Clients never receive checks directly. Once the application is complete the information will be added to DFA's management software. This software and all documentation will be available to the City for regular auditing. DFA hopes to help more than 7500 families or households with this grant. 

DFA is handing out paper application at the DFA Site, inside of Northeast Community Fund, 839 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Decatur, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  DFA can also be scheduling appointments, 217.619.9108.