Neighborhood Programs

The Neighborhood Program goal is to help local residents into neighborhood organizations that provide positive activities for all ages, but particularly youth. The end result in doing this will help reduce crime and prevent juvenile delinquency in their neighborhood. 

We like many Illinois cities share the belief that "grassroots" neighborhood groups, made of indigenous adult volunteers and youth, can effectively prevent juvenile delinquency while dealing with social and environmental conditions that lead to crime.

It is  residents, businesses, churches, schools,  non-profits, health care, and city government working together, that makes Decatur a great place to work and raise a family.


Neighborhood Groups are active year round. 

Contact the office to learn if you live inside an established neighborhood group's boundaries.

Staff can share  information about the group, its focus, meeting place and time.

Attend the next meeting and join in the discussion!


Neighborhood Boundaries: 

People living and working  together to address juvenile delinquency and community problems.

Link to the City Neighborhood Map


Advantages to becoming part of a Neighborhood Organization:


Improve safety in your Neighborhood

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home and when you know your neighbors well, you are more likely to be aware of suspicious people and unwanted activity in your area.

Create a support system, become aware of your immediate surroundings

Problems in the neighborhood are better addressed with a combined effort of all concerned individuals.   If you have trusted neighbors, they can keep an eye on your property when you are not there.

Share concerns with other Residents

Sharing observations of possible illegal activities, keeping you from feeling isolated. 

Interact with other Residents, Elected Officials, and Service Agencies

Get to know the people that can and want to help you and your neighbors.



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